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If you want a "room with a view" you have two choices to upload your dog images (please read the requirements for the images):

1) first, you can provide links to your images by typing the full link path in the spaces below;


2) second, you can use the Direct Upload Area. The Area located on the bottom of this page and will work only after you submitted this form with your information. If you will use the Direct Upload Area method you need to type the names of your images in the spaces below (otherwise we do not know whom they belong to).

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* - all submitted materials are subject to Copyright . We reserve the right to decline any inappropriate or unedited texts, photos and any other materials. Information provided will not be resold or disseminated.


Requirements for the images.


Your photos must be in compressed JPEG or GIF formats and not to exceed 50K each, otherwise you will be able only to link to these images. If your photos are large or require high quality enlarged viewing please send a thumbnail with a full link to your server where large files are located (provide these links to a full size images in the Description area after the text).


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Direct Upload Area


After sending the form and when you are ready to upload your images (not to exceed 50K each) please use the form below

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Please attach files with your photos (JPEG ONLY!).

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